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- If you can, use the shower, instead of washing in the bathtub (with the shower you use about 15-30 l of water, in the bathtub 100l and more).

- Install a special shower attachment (water flow regulator), so that you use less water.

- Turn off the tap and stop all leaks (60-80 drops a minute means losing 20-25l of water a day).

- Make sure that your toilet isn't leaky (a stream 5 mm in width means losing 300-500 l a day).

- Do not wash using running water.

- While brushing your teeth, use a water cup and never use running water while shaving.

- You can install a system in your toilet, so you have a choice between flushing with a small and a large amount of water (depending on your needs :) ).

- Install a water meter in your house - so you could also save money, and not only water.

- Remember to wash only full load in the washing machine, and soak your clothes rather than using preliminary wash.

- While washing the dishes only turn the tap on when you really need it.

- Work on an efficient washing technique (say, one part of the sink with washing fluid, the other one for rinsing).

- Washing your car, use a bucket of water instead of washing with the hose. With the bucket, 20 l are enough to wash the whole car, using the hose you need 100-200 l.

- Watering the garden takes about 5-13 l of water/sq. m., using a water distributor that spreads micro drops we save a lot of water. A good idea is also drip irrigation.

- Using rainwater is also a good idea.