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  • Interview with Geoff Lawton and Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton

  • Gardening and agriculture
  • "What will we eat when the oil runs out?" - The Lady Eve Balfour Memorial Lecture 2007 was given by Richard Heinberg and chaired by Anna Ford

  • Development issues
  • "A Dollar A Day" - In this five-part series, Mike Wooldridge looks at what it is really like to have to live on one dollar a day, BBC World Service
  • "The Amazon Paradox "- The best interviews of the day, BBC World Service
  • Green Festival Radio - Speakers include: John Perkins, Amory Lovins, Paul Hawken, David Korten, Howard Lyman, Amy Goodman and many more
  • Frances Moore Lappé on Democracy Now - Frances is the author of "Getting a Grip". In this interview she discusses food independence around the world.

  • Water
  • "Turning Water Scarcity into Water Abundance" - an audio podcast of Brad Lancaster's presentation