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- Use environmentally friendly dishwashing fluid (with an eco-label)

- Use refillable containers, like for dishwashing fluid

- Store food in containers instead of wrapping them in foil

- Segregate garbage

- Buying a refrigerator, make sure it is also environmentally friendly - power saving and with an 'ozone friendly' label

- Save energy:

    >> Use energy-saving light bulbs

    >> Buying a fridge, dishwasher, etc., check for an eco-labels saying, the product is power saving

    >> Use the fridge so that you save the most power >>more

- Save water:
    >> Make sure the tap is fully turned off and always check for any leaks

    >> Washing up, turn the water on only if you really need it

    >> Work on an efficient washing technique (say, one part of the sink with washing fluid, the other one for rinsing)
- Save gas with the gas cooker:
    >> Check if your burners are correctly tweaked up. You can save up to 10% of gas

    >> Use a pot, whose diameter is twice as big as the burner ring. This way you save about 60% of gas

    >> Atight pot cover means saving a further 13% of gas

    >> Using a pressure-cooker means saving about 40% of the energy. Using stainless steel pots means saving another 40-60% of the energy needed to prepare your dishes