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- Try not to use coal to heat your house. This is the worst solution for the natural environment. A far better choice is natural gas, a further better one - biogas.

- In a typical polish household, heating costs take up 80& of all energy costs.

- Save hot water - check if your heater is correctly set up.

- If you can, use a thermostat or valves with thermostats on your heaters - this way you can heat your home only when you need to.

- Seal up your windows and doors so you do not lose heat at home.

- In winter never leave windows open all the time - this way you lose a lot of warmth. A better solution is to air the rooms for 10-15 minutes a few times a day.

- Lower the temperature in rarely used rooms.

- Curtains and hangings should not obstruct the airflow around the heater (it is enough if they reach the window-sills).

- If you can, make sure the building you live in is thermally well insulated. In this way heat does not escape, and the heating costs can be lowered.

- Thermal isolation of walls with heaters means a great deal to heating (alone the installation of foil behind the heater allows for a 1-2°C increase in room temperature).