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Integrated stored product protection for farmholders

Manual of the prevention of post-harvest grain losses

Traditional storage of yams and cassava and its improvement

Implementation of and further research on biological control of the Larger Grain Borer

The ecology of Prostephanus truncatus in Togo with particular emphasis on interaction with the predator Teretriosoma nigrescens

Research into the biology and host-specificity of Teretriosoma nigrescens, a potential natural antagonist of Prostephanus truncatus

Getting it right: Integrated approach for short and long term Post-harvest protection

Traditional procedures and methods of storage protection

Protecting stored maize cobs against pests by the use of non chemical products

The Use of Teretriosoma nigrescens for Biological Control of the Larger Grain Borer (Prostephanus truncatus)

Methyl Bromide Substitution in Agriculture

Integrated Rodent Management in Post-harvest Systems

Integrated Post-Harvest Protection Is Worth Its Money !

Gender-Orientation in the Post-Harvest Sector


Postharvest of Perishable Fruits and Vegetables in Jordan


Market Oriented Yam Storage

The Cassava Chipping Machine

Proper Preparation of Cassava Flour


Guidelines for the Analysis of Post-production Systems

Small-scale postharvest handling practices -
A manual for horticultural crops - 3rd edition

A commodity systems assessment methodology for problem and project identification

Post-harvest systems of potato and sweet potato in Kenya - Final report

Training manual for the control of the greater (larger) grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus, Horn)

Workshop on Mycotoxins in Food in Africa - November 6-10 1995, Cotonou, Republic of Benin International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

7-year results of hermetic storage of barley under PVC liners: Losses and justification for further implementation of this method for grain storage

South Pacific Commission - Community Health Services - SOUTH PACIFIC FOODS

Post-harvest loss due to pests in dried cassava chips and comparative methods for its assessment. - A case study on small-scale farm households in Ghana

Long-term hermetic storage of barley in PVC-covered concrete platforms under Mediterranean conditions

Small-scale food processing - A guide for appropriate equipment

Catalogue of small-scale food processing equipment

Overview of the phenomenon of losses during the post-harvest system

Storage and Processing of Roots and Tubers in the Tropics

Facilitating regional trade of agricultural commodities in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

Rice post-harvest e-mail conference draft summary - V.1.2

Selected listings of agro-industry technology applications in some southeast Asian countries

Farm structures in tropical climates

Preserving tomatoes

Horticultural marketing - a resource and training manual for extension officers

Food loss prevention in perishable crops

Prevention of post-harvest food losses fruits, vegetables and root crops - a training manual


Roots, tubers, plantains and bananas in human nutrition

Maize in human nutrition

Agricultural engineering in development

Rice in human nutrition

Sorghum and millets in human nutrition

Grain storage techniques

An atlas of food and agriculture

A guide to marketing costs and how to calculate them

Post-harvest deterioration of cassava

Fruit and vegetable processing

Quality assurance for small-scale rural food industries

Inventory credit - An approach to developing agricultural markets

African experience in the improvement of post-harvest techniques

Research and Development Issues in Grain Postharvest Problems in Africa

Research and development issues in grain postharvest problems in Asia

Problems of pesticide residues in stored grain

Policy issues in the small grains sector of Southern Africa

Private enterprise and the post-harvest sector

Monitoring and evaluation methods for innovations in grain post-harvest technology

Risks and consequences of the misuse of pesticides in the treatment of stored products

Mycotoxins in Grain

A training manual in fresh produce marketing for the Eastern Caribbean

Economic and marketing aspects of post-harvest handling of grains

Packaging for fruits, vegetables and root crops

Expert consultation on planning the development of sundrying techniques in Africa

Phytosanitary procedures to be adopted for maize and other food-aid hipments to reduce the risks of insect infestation and damage

Cassava processing

Mycotoxin prevention and control in foodgrains

Prevention of post-harvest food losses: a training manual

Rural processing and preserving techniques for fruits and vegetables

Manual of fumigation for insect control

Minor oil crops

The farming systems approach to development and appropriate technology generation

Traditional post-harvest technology of perishable tropical staples

Proceedings of the roundtable on the reduction of post-harvest fruit and vegetable losses through the development of the cottage industry in rural areas in the Caribbean countries

Production, handling and processing of nutmeg and mace and their culinary uses

Towards integrated commodity and pest management in grain storage

Utilising root crops

Compendium on Post-harvest Operations (20 Megabytes)

CookBook with recipes for Root Crops ( 1 Megabyte)

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Manual sobre a preven��o das perdas de gr�os depois da colheita