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Solar Drying
FR Solar Drying
Oilseeds Process
Yam Cassava Storage
Maize Cob Storage
Grain Storage
Crop Storage
Crop Storage Traditional
Integrated Stored Product Protection
Maize Protection non-chemical


Anagi tray dryer 338k
Banana beer 28k
Banana chips 241k
Biltong 44k
Bottle and jar cooling system 82k
Bottle washing and steam sterilisation 115k
Brown sugar 80k
Butter making 47k
Canning of foods 45k
Cardomom 150k
Cashew nut processing 273k
Chiuri (the Butter Tree of Nepal) 63k
Cinnamon 51k
Cloves 39k
Cocoa and chocolate 65k
Coffee 190k
Cold storage of fruits and vegetables 82k
Coriander 38k
Cumin 39k
Dairy processing 122k
Drying of apricots 175k
Drying of chillies 170k
Drying of foods 200k
Drying technology 190k
Essential oils 278k
Food poisoning and its prevention 59k
Food processing building design 58k
Food processing equipment design 57k
Fruit juice processing 137k
Fruit leathers 131k
Fruit waste utilisation 55k
Ginger 71k
Groundnut processing 188k
Gundruck (pickled leafy vegetables) 41k
Honey processing 110k
Jam, jellies and marmalades 155k
Kawal 40k
Lime cordial 44k
Lime juice manufacture 38k
Lime marmalade 151k
Lime oil and juice 118k
Liquids filling and packaging 113k
Marshmallows 66k
Mixed fruit juice manufacture 44k
Nas Naran lime juice manufacture 39k
Nutmeg and mace 58k
Oil extraction 312k
Packaging food in glass 441k
Packaging materials 214k
Papain production 29k
Passion fruit jam 45k
Passion fruit juice 44k
Pepper 178k
Pickled cabbage (Kimchi) 41k
Pickled cucumber 40k
Pickled dry salted lime 44k
Pickled fruits 54k
Pickled papaya 51k
Pickled vegetables 47k
Pineapple jam 46k
Pineapple peel vinegar 46k
Quality control 78k
Solar drying 120k
Solids filling and packaging 43k
Spice processing 146k
Strawberry jam 44k
Sugar production from cane sugar 63k
Tofu and soymilk production 51k
Tomato processing 54k
Tomato semi-processing 141k
Tray dryers 184k
Turmeric 45k
Watermelon jam 44k
Yoghurt 45k
Yoghurt incubator 196k

Solar Grain Dryer - ( fr de it po es )
Solar Dryer - ( fr de it po es )
Vegetable Oil Extraction - ( fr de it po es )
Vegetable Oil Solvent Extraction - ( fr de it po es )
Oil and Starch from Sorghum - ( fr de it po es )
Flour Mill - ( fr de it po es )
Grain Milling - ( fr de it po es )
Grain Enemies - ( fr de it po es )
Grain Losses - ( fr de it po es )
Grain Preparation - ( fr de it po es )
Fruit Preservation Manual I - ( fr de it po es )
Fruit Preservation Manual II - ( fr de it po es )
Citrus Fruits - ( fr de it po es )
Grape Juice - ( fr de it po es )
Honey Extraction Centrifugal - ( fr de it po es )
Food Processing - ( fr de it po es )

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