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    Eco-labeling gives the consumer information on how the product was made and about its impact on environment. By choosing products with eco-labels you can help to restore rivers, rainforests, populations of birds and even dolphins. As the consumers we can have a great influence on the producers. We can convince companies to care more about the environment simply by buying their products or not.

If a product carries an eco-friendly label, it means, that this product was manufactured with a care for the environment. During production, water, soil or air were not polluted. Usually, the product, or a part of it, is recyclable. The most popular eco-friendly label [EU Flower, Blue Angel] mean that the whole life cycle of the product, that is, from manufacture, through usage, to disposal, is environmentally friendly. Others mean that the product is ecological only in a certain area, for example the "Energy star" logo means, that the product is energy efficient. Such labels in regards to food products confirm that the growth, fertilization and overall care for the farmland follow the ecological regulations.

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