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    Sustainable development is a way to improve quality of life while preserving social equity, biodiversity and wealth of natural resources.

Quality of life is not about having a luxurious car and living in residence with a swimming pool. It is about being happy.

Social equity means equal access to basic goods. The point is not that everyone should have the same amount, but that one individual`s desire for affluence should not deprive other people of the chance to satisfy their basic needs.

Preserving biodiversity is protecting nature with special concern for the diversity of species. The variety of plant and animal species has an influence on the way the ecosystem functions. Rich ecosystems can improve water quality, reduce flooding and clean and absorb waste. They are also more resistant to environmental shocks.

Wealth of natural resources refers to using materials in such a way that does not lead to their rapid depletion. In practice, it is such undertakings as using renewable energy sources, reuse or recycling.